Devin Negen


Did you know the Apache men hunted deer, rabbits, buffalo, and antelope? Men hunted with bows and arrows. When big animals were not found they would eat rabbits. The animals they do not eat are: bears, turkeys, fish and snakes. Women gavered fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Women made tulapais out of corn and wheat.
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Did you know the Apache wore tanned deerskin clothing? They traded their boots for guns, salt, and blankets. During the Apache wars, Apache men stole guns from hurt men. Women wore skirts and shirts made from deerskin. Men wore shirts and leggings.

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Did you know the Apache homes were called "wicups"? They also live in homes called teepees. They used buffalo skin covers for teepees and fibers for wicups. Wicups were made out of oak and willow sticks. Apache wanted to live on level ground and a straight view of the stars. Apache never have a permanent home.
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