Fall Sports Guidelines

Ludlow Independent Schools


In order to have fall athletic events this year, many changes need to be implemented to meet the required safety guidelines. Please be patient with us. Our main goal is to have our student-athletes compete in the sport they love! The Ludlow community has always been a huge supporter and fan base at games. Even though that will have to look different this year, we challenge you to find other creative ways to support our student-athletes.

Who Can Attend Games:

  • Each of our student-athletes and coaches will be given two (2) tickets to each of their events. This includes players, cheerleaders, and band members. They can give these to two family members/friends for entry to the game. All spectators must have one of these school-issued tickets to attend. Tickets will be given out by coaches; they will be marked specific for each game/event. A copy of the COVID-Symptom Questionnaire will be given with each ticket. Both items are brought to the game and handed in at the gate.
  • No other tickets will be sold for the events. There will be no pre-sale tickets or tickets at the gate. No passes of any kind will be accepted. We are limited to 200 fans at the stadium and 120 in the gym.
  • Visiting teams will be contacted by Dan Sullivan, our Athletic Director, about protocol for attendance.

For Those Attending a Game:

  • Before entering, everyone must complete a COVID Symptom Questionnaire and have his/her temperature taken. If the temperature is above 100.4 degrees and or they answer "yes" to any of the symptoms, he/she will not be allowed to enter the gym or stadium.
  • Once at the gate, our Event Staff will collect the completed COVID Symptom Questionnaire form, the ticket, and the $5 admission (per ticket). Please note that all tickets will be $5 regardless of the age of the person using the ticket.
  • Seating is restricted in order to respect the social distancing guidelines. Families can sit together, but fans who are not in the same household must remain 6 feet apart. In our venues, the restricted areas have been marked accordingly.
  • We will have designated "HOME" and "VISITOR" sections that are clearly marked. Ludlow fans will be required to sit in the Home Section.
  • Any fan who is in the 6th grade or younger will be required to sit with an adult.
  • The gate will open 1 hour prior to the game time.
  • There will NOT be a concession stand open, at least for the first two weeks. We will monitor guidelines around this and update you if this changes.
  • Please be aware that in events with multiple games or multiple opponents, such as JV/Varsity matches or tournaments, fans/teams may be asked to "clear the gym" so that Event Staff can clean all common surfaces, such as benches, rails, equipment, and restrooms.

Again, we ask for your patience this fall as we attempt to hold athletic events. Please keep in mind our common goal: Allowing our student-athletes to compete in the sport they love.

We need your help with following these reminders so that our teams stay healthy and complete their season!

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Reminders for Student-Athletes & Parents

We want your season to be a successful one! In order for games to continue, players must remain healthy. Parents, below are some reminders to help keep our student-athletes, and teams as a whole, healthy:

  • Help students social distance and wear masks at all times as needed, even outside of school or practices/games.
  • Make sure they have his/her own water bottle for all practices and games and remind them not to share with others! If they are reusable bottles, please wash them with soap and hot water often.
  • Remind them often to wash their hands thoroughly and use hand sanitizer.
  • If they feel sick, please keep them home. Follow their symptoms and contact a doctor as needed.
  • If practice or game uniforms/attire comes home, please wash and dry them often.
  • If you have questions or concerns, please contact your coach.


Please note that the above protocol will be put in place for all of our HOME games. Each school will have their own version of this, based on their facilities, staff, and policies. Most will be very similar to ours, limiting the number of fans allowed for each player. Please plan accordingly. Our coaches will communicate this information through players.