Unit Plan using Backwards-Design

Information & Technology Standards: Safety & Ethical Issues

The Plan...

This unit is designed to be taught as a successive unit or as mini lessons throughout the school year as it fits best with your grade level curriculum.

It covers Common Core State Standard:

3.SE.1 - Students will understand issues related to the safe, ethical, and responsible use of information and technology resources.

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Assessing Information & Technology Standards will require use of the tools themselves. These tools include but are not limited to apps, software and web 2.0 tools.

Quiz: Formative assessments:


Password Pete

Meet Maggie


Keywords/terms quiz.

Multimedia Project: What is a cyber bully? Don’t be a cyber bully! Students will create a multimedia info-poster against online bullying. They will use a poster creator app or Pages app to create the poster. Posters will be graded using a Rubric for creativity, information represented and source citing.

Wordle/tagxedo: Create word clouds representing emotional consequences of cyber bullying

PicCollage app / Befunky (or other collage creator tool): Create an Anti-cyber bullying Poster

Aurasma: Create a short video about cyber bullying. The posters will be the trigger and their videos will be the content for the augmented reality posters.

Skill Check: Creating a safe online profile. Students will participate in a classroom blog. They will post one blog per day, either responding to another student’s post or creating a personal reflection using Kidblog. Blogs will be graded using Peer evaluation and self-evaluation Rubrics, assessing netiquette and personal information safety.


These Rubrics were created using Rubistar.

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