Joseph Sissac - Passing & Recieving the Baton of Leadership

Joseph Sissac HD

Relay races and the transitioning of leadership have a lot more in common than I realized. I have learned that at relay races, the baton is not meant to be held by the person who starts the race, they are supposed to pass it. In ministry and organizational terms, we can see the position as the baton. Dr. Myles Munroe spoke about transition and of this concept specifically, the passing of the baton.In one of his videos he said he had a dream about a track runner who was in a coffin with a baton in his hand...

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Who is Joseph Sissac?

Pastor Sissac is now the lead pastor of Center of Praise Ministries. He has been a successful church planter and organizer. Pastor Sissac a broad background of ministry that includes youth, young adults, and missions. He served two years as a missionary in Mexico. A native of Chicago, he served as a teaching professional for several years. He has been actively involved with the Juvenile Justice Chaplaincy Program in Sacramento, CA.

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