Andrew Jaockson

A Zero to the common man

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Does he have a heart?

He sent the Native tribes of the Americas who have been living here since before we even discovered these lands out of their homes. For what? Just some gold that originally is the natives anyways since they legally own that land and are a independent nation.

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Is he becoming a tyrant?

Andrew Jackson has been using his power to veto way more than is needed. he is only thinking of himself. if he really thought about america first he wouldnt have vetoed nearly as much as he has.

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He shouldn't even be in office!

Andrew Jackson ignored a ruling of the supreme court! that is punishable by impeachment. John marshal chief court justice officially ruled that Georgia could not interfere with the native Americans. Also the National government had accepted the fact that the native Americans were an independent nation with a written language and a constitution.

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Political Cartoon

In this cartoon is Andrew Jackson hanging John C. Calhoun. It shows that as soon as jackson sees u not going for exactly what he wants he will try to exterminate you.

Andrew Jackson: The First Imperial President