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September 15, 2017

Check the Files —
Do You Have a Chapter Charter and Constitution? If Not, It’s Not Too Late

This week as we dig deeper into the 10 Steps to a Successful Chapter, we take a look at Step 2, connecting with your state SkillsUSA director. This step is really about so much more than connecting. You may already be on the mailing list and checking your state website frequently for updates, but it’s also about creating a foundation for your chapter that is built on rock-solid history.

To do that, take a look at the steps below to apply for a chapter charter and create a chapter constitution. Even if you have been operating as a chapter for a number of years, it’s not too late to create your constitution and formalize your structure. Don’t delay on this step, and be sure to get your members involved in the process. It is a great way to learn about the organization.

Connect with your state SkillsUSA director

Once you have gathered the support of your school administration, it is extremely important to connect on the state SkillsUSA level. Connecting directly with your state association director will ensure you are included in all future mailings and will provide assistance in the successful formation of your chapter.

· If you are a new chapter, it is imperative that you submit a local constitution and chapter charter to your state SkillsUSA director. Once the state SkillsUSA director has accepted your local constitution and chapter charter, your school will be included among the registered users on the SkillsUSA registration site.

  • Complete the SkillsUSA Application for a Chapter Charter. The charter requires an administrator’s signature. You may want to have students share their excitement about the new chapter by delivering the charter to the administrator for his or her signature.
  • Along with the charter, the chapter must submit a constitution. Use the Suggested Local Constitution as a guideline, and ensure that you update it with school-specific information. Your chapter can always amend the constitution in the future if there is ever a need.
  • Your chapter is official once your state SkillsUSA director has accepted your charter and constitution. You are ready to move forward to take advantage of local, state and national opportunities that await you and your students.

Need Help with Your Chapter or Registering Members?
Call the SkillsUSA Membership Hotline Toll Free: 844-875-4557

Hotline operators are ready to answer your questions on how to start a new chapter, engage chapter members and strengthen an existing chapter — you name it, they are ready to tackle it! Operators are on call from 8 a.m.–5 p.m. (Eastern time) Monday, Wednesday and Friday and from 11 a.m.–7 p.m. (Eastern) Tuesday and Thursday. Don’t have time to call? Send the operators an email at or chat with them online at the membership registration site!

Posters, Brochures, Lesson Plans and More — Get Your Membership Kits!

Get outfitted for a new school year with posters, brochures, lesson plans and whole lot more that comes packed into your SkillsUSA membership kit. Kits have been mailed to all chapters that affiliated with SkillsUSA last year, but if you haven’t received yours, then call toll-free 844-875-4557 to request a copy.

There are two unique membership kits, each designed for a specific market: high school or college/postsecondary. Each kit contains three posters, a brochure, membership cards and a chapter management guide. The guide is key to your success and includes information on establishing a chapter, engaging students in chapter activities, tools for recruitment, lesson plans, programs, scholarship and recognition opportunities, and information on educational resources.

All of the membership materials can also be downloaded at:

Help SkillsUSA Texas Raise Funds for Hurricane Harvey Victims

SkillsUSA Texas is sponsoring a T-shirt fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey relief.

Purchase of this T-shirt will go directly to the Food Bank of Corpus Christi, which serves 11 counties including the cities of Rockport and Aransas Pass. All of these counties suffered damage from Hurricane Harvey.

Your help refurbishing the food bank is needed and appreciated. The Food Bank of Corpus Christi has a food pantry there, but also reaches out with an air-conditioned truck to make deliveries to those not able to commute to the pantry. The food bank is affiliated with the Emergency Food Assistance Program through USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture).

Show your support and get your shirt here: Please watch our website for late-breaking news on how SkillsUSA can help those in Florida, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and elsewhere during this busy hurricane season.

Disney “Be Inspired” Grants Offered for Service

The Walt Disney Co. and Youth Service America (YSA) want your help in inspiring young people and families to make a positive impact in their community through volunteering.

Disney is awarding $500 Be Inspired grants to young people implementing service projects in the fall in partnership with nonprofit organizations. Now is your chance to reach out to your network and encourage young change makers to submit a project. For more information, go to: