I watch

An inteligent smartwatch!


I have chosen this topic because is the first intelligent smart watch made with sapphire crystal, and a series of applications focused on reclaiming the throne of personal quantifiers.


-Customizing a seal of identity : no two alike Apple Watch.

-Digital Crown: the center of the revolution Apple Watch.

-Operating system: it's like a universe off applications.

-1.6 sensors Apple Watch.

-Processor 1.7 S1 (a new chip designed for a watch, It contains all electronic components).

-Apple Watch1.8 Wireless charging induction with a touch Apple.

-Battery Life (is for 18 hours).


-It can be scratch more easely.

-Is so small to do all the things we think it do.

-The design is big for an a watch

-Isn't resistent to water.

-Is too expensive. (350 dollars).

-Battery charger is too expensive. (40 dollars)

-It's only compatible with iPhone, since iPhone 5.

Apple Watch — Guided Tour: Welcome


I think that isn't a good idea to buy it, because it has more disadvantages than advantages.

But is apple system, and apple system is so good.

My conclusion is that is too expensive, but is useful.