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Holiday Edition

Just A Few of My Favorite Things

Hello Everyone!

I was inspired to share some of my favorite things for the holiday season. Those of you who have been with me for awhile know that I am big believer in self care. I work hard to practice and incorporate self care into my daily life, but I know that when things get hectic and you feel that you can barely keep your head above water, self care is difficult to access. With the following staples in my self care routine, I can take a few more things off my mind. When I feel overwhelmed by life, the following items help get me through. These by no means are a "fix" to life's problems, but they sure do give me a "boost" to help me keep putting one foot in front of the other and face what comes my way.


Favorite Thing #1: Saying NO....and sometimes YES!

Although this is not a physical item, saying NO and sometimes YES is one of my main self care skills. Being able to set boundaries by saying NO is extremely powerful. I know that often we feel that we have to or should do certain things, but I try to ask myself these questions: "is this something I want to do? Is this something I am doing to please someone else? Or, Is this something I assume I SHOULD do?" The answers to these questions help me to know when I need to say NO. Although someone else my not be pleased (and why would they, you are not doing what they want!), how might it feel to be able to free yourself of avoidable stress, frustration, and anxiety...BUT

On the flip side there can be power in saying YES! Often we will not do something we truly enjoy because we feel that indulging in any WANT is selfish. I challenge you to find space in your life for YES, because it is actually selfLESS!

The mind and body crave homeostasis, a nice balance. If you deprive yourself too much by saying NO to things that bring you joy, your mind and body, say "something is wrong!" And we begin to feel all of the strange and unpredictable symptoms of the mind and body seeking a way to strike balance (i.e.-mood swings, physical symptoms). Conversely, too much YES leaves the mind and body just as off balance.

Every day, but especially during the holidays, find ways to practice when to say YES and NO!

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Favorite Thing #2: ASAKUKI 500Ml Essential Oil Diffuser

Ever come to my office and smell the essential oils? If you have, this is what helps me have those wonderful calming scents.
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Favorite Thing #3: Start Where You Are Guided Journal

I may have actually given some of you one of these journals or used one of the prompts with you. This journal is a wonderful tool to help practice mindfulness and address thoughts and feelings and help you "get out of your head." Believe it or not, I was introduced to this journal by a client!
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Favorite Thing #4: Lo-Fi Hip Hop Music

I LOVE rap and hip hop! BUT sometimes when I am overwhelmed or need a brain break, my go-to is Lo-Fi music. It's got the basslines and beats without all the words. When the day has been long, trying, or just plain old exhausting, I turn on Lo-Fi music and I can almost feel my blood pressure go down! Without all the words or high tempo, the music allows my mind to stop processing and I am able to just be. Give it a listen!
coffee shop radio // 24/7 lofi hip-hop beats