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Defendant: A person accused of the crime in a court of law.

Complaint: This is a statement to say that the issue at hand is unacceptable.

Summons: A court order to appear before a judge.

Pleadings: This is a formal statement made to defend the cause of action or defense

Pretrial Conference: Held before the trial begins to discuss with both parties, the issue to be tried.

Mediation: A mediated way to resolve a dispute between to parties.

Arbitration: The use of an arbitrator to come to the settling of a dispute.

Trial: This is the examination of evidence before a judge and jury to come to a decision about the outcome of the case.

Preponderance of evidence: When a more severe test of evidence is required in a trial.

Verdict: This is the outcome of the trail.

Appeal: An appeal is when the public defender calls to a high court for a retrial.