News From Mrs. Jose's Room

November 9th - 13th

What's Coming Home Today

Math Project

You will see a math paper come home today. This paper focused on our math strategies for multiplication. We did a project pricing stability balls for other classrooms. The first round of grading was done in blue marker. If your child missed any problems they were given a second chance. If a student required help or had to complete the problem a second time they were allotted half of the total points for that problem. The final scoring is in purple.

I was looking to see which strategies they used and if they followed the steps correctly for that given strategy.


Every week we have a new weekly Daily Language Review to do. We work on these when we first arrive in the morning. Everyday I put the answers to the previous day on the board. It is the student's responsibility to check their own papers. I am around and available to help those who ask for it. These are reviewed skills that they should have been taught in previous grades. On Friday they can meet with partners to go over their answers and I again have mine up on the board for them. Later in the day we take a DLR quiz. I pull the questions for the quizzes straight from that week's DLR or one that we have previously done. I allow student's to use their DLR while they take the quiz. For the majority of the problems all they have to do is re-copy their answers.

Division Check In

We have started learning and reviewing division strategies this week. You will see a worksheet we did today that was scored to see if they were beginning to use any of our strategies.

Word Study

On Monday new word study words should have come home!


I have not yet gotten your child's ISTEP scores. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get to see them tomorrow. If you have questions about the re-score please let me know.

In my opinion, if your child did not pass and might be close to passing than the re-score can't hurt!

Our next rounds of Learning Clubs are going to be focusing on ISTEP instruction and preparation.

If you need more information please contact me or check

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • Nov. 13th Midterm Grading Period Ends

  • Next Friday (11-20-15) we will have our word study check

  • November 24th we will have a nonfiction celebration. Groups of students are going to be making their own magazines and we want to show them off! Parents are invited into our room from 2-3pm that day to see our work. You must have a background check and have watched our anti-bullying video online in order to attend. The background checks can take up to 2 weeks! So, now is the time to fill one out if you would like to attend!

  • Nov. 30th Scholastic Orders are Due