Ms. Gleason's Globetrotters

Weekly Newsletter for the Week of March 15th - 18th

Let's be the boss!

We had an amazing week in first grade this week! In language arts we took over reading and writing and learned how to become our own boss. Students partner read and used 5 new strategies to get through difficult words. it was wonderful to see them work as partners and problem-solve to enrich their reading.

Writer's workshop brought us a brand new unit. Since we have become such experts at non-fiction writing, we have begun to take a crack at fiction writing. We drew on what we know from narrative stories to plan our writing, but added 3 new steps: thinking of a character, give it a name and imagine adventures on which to take that character. We took charge of our writing when we come to a hard spot and said "yes, I can solve that problem!"

In science we are off and away on our unit about Air & Weather. This week we learned about what happens to air if we push it into a small space. We experimented with parachutes to discover how air works as a flotation device of sorts. With this beautiful weather, it was wonderful to get outdoors to conduct our experiments. We even got to design our very own parachutes! Experimenting with mass, gravity and interesting designs.

Even more exciting, we were visited by the leprechaun again this year! Your little ones made amazing traps, but that tricky little guy still was able to get away. He left some treats and notes for us, but we were stymied once again. Better luck next year, I guess!

Coming up next week...

Next week we have science fair registrations due on Monday, the 21st. The science fair will be on April 14th. Please turn in registrations either to me or the office. Enrichment class start on Monday of next week. We also have an awesome in-house field trip on Wednesday, the 23rd. Rick Hartman, The Toymaker, will be working with the kids to create air toys which will complement what we're doing in science right now. Please also note that on our homework cover sheet says we have a field trip to the Mercer Slough on April 10th, however, the field trip is actually on Tuesday, April 12th. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Take good care.

Star Student next Week - Asher

Asher will be our star student next week! He is such a wonderful friend to have in our class and we look forward to learning all about him!
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