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To Know God and to Make Him Known

It Couldn't Just Happen

For me it's always a bit of struggle to switch gears from science experiments to science projects throughout the year. I like the predictability of the scientific method and the measurable results that the students observe each week. On the other hand, I also see the value in the science projects to help the students understand what science looks like realistically (think of when we outlined the planets in the church parking lot).

As I prepare to tutor Challenge A I am reading the science book "It Couldn't Just Happen". I've been reviewing the chapter on good and bad science with my children. In order to grapple with science on the dialectic level you have to possess a solid understanding of the grammar of the scientific method. Nowhere has this science grammar become so strikingly clear to me as when I have walked through the book "It Couldn't Just Happen". My kids and I were able to have a twenty minute conversation on good and bad science based purely on their understanding of the scientific method.

When you see the "marriage" of the grammar and dialectic in your children, it is such a fun and exciting moment! It reminds me of why we school classically and how the classical model enriches every subject we study from science to math to Latin. If you are in the throes of the grammar stage with your littles, hang in there!!! Persevere and continue to drill that grammar. All the amazing new grammar your children are gleaning will serve as the Foundation (pun intended) to a world of new discoveries on the Dialectic level.

Challenge Retreat

Are you a Challenge Mom, or will you be a Challenge mom next year? Please consider joining us for this one day retreat in Evergreen. Car Pool is available, and all details are on the Sign Up. The deadline is Wednesday.!/showSignUp/20F0B48AAAA2CA5F85-challenge2

Looking Ahead

As we wind down the CC year our community events are just getting started. Here's what we are planning for spring/summer.....

**We'll host another book club that meets at local parks

**The CR directors will post a playdate schedule so we can all plan to fellowship throughout the summer

**Parker Practicum, June 28, 29, 30 at Faith Baptist

**CR Practicum, July 26, 27, 28 at Ridgeline

Coming up Next Week

Family Presentation = Davis Family

Speech Topic = Tell us about a famous composer or piece of music

Lunch duty = Volunteer Needed and Colleen C.

Spirit Week

Each year CC encourages its communities to celebrate Leigh Bortins birthday. Leigh is the founder of CC. Communities are encouraged to host fun events that promote community and fellowship. For the last two weeks in March we'll celebrate Sprit Weeks. I'd like to show our "school spirit" by partnering with the Orphan Grain Train to provide school supplies. Mr. Gary said that this is their greatest need right now. So, on March 22nd and March 29th please bring new school supplies if you are able. We'll have a collection point in the fellowship hall.

Also, we'll have two fun theme days...

March 22nd--Dress like Your Mom or Dad OR Dress Your Mom (have your child pick out your clothes for the day OR encourage him/her to dress like you or your husband)

March 29th--Crazy Hair Day--style your hair in a fun or crazy way. Hats are fine as well.

Homeschool Day at the Capitol

Friday, April 7th, 8:45-11:45am

Capitol Hill, Denver, CO, United States

Denver, CO

Come to the annual CHEC Homeschool Day at the Capitol on April 7th and stand for educational and religious liberty!

Join over a thousand other freedom-loving people from around the state for a fun field trip - lots of activities like self-guided Capitol tours, a Liberty Celebration, a fife & drum parade, a big rally on the Capitol steps, and more.

But most importantly: Homeschool Day at the Capitol is the #1 way for YOU to make an impact on your legislators’ support for homeschooling freedom.

Register here for free:

Mom's Night Out ~ Painting

Tuesday, April 18th, 6:30pm

10970 South Parker Road

Parker, CO

We will go to Canvas Uncorked in Parker for a Canvas
Painting night. Registration for April hasn't opened yet but as soon as it does I will post the link. Cost is $35. They have wine and beer for purchase. You may bring food if you want! More details to come as I get them!