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by Mary Faye R. (first name, last initial required)

Courage for Beginners (title and cover of book required)

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by Karen Harrington (author's first and last names required)

Copyright: 2014 (copyright date required)

Genre: Realistic Fiction (genre required -- must be chosen from standard genres on poster banners in library)

Annotation (at least 5 complete sentences required--the annotation should be in student's own words, not from Amazon, etc.)

Seventh grader Mysti's family is unusual in many ways, and when her dad is in the hospital things go from unusual to chaotic. Plus, her best friend has begun to hang out with the "hipsters" just when she needs him most. She wishes she was a character in a book because she thinks then she would know exactly how to handle this very trying situation. Readers will find themselves going back and forth from laughter to tears as Mysti finds the courage to take care of her family while her father can't.

My Favorite Character (at least 3 complete sentences required--must include reasons why)

It's hard not to love Mysti, with her schemes and dreams. She grows from scared middle schooler to courageous caretaker of her family. Her ingenuity and growing self-awareness make her a character to admire.

My Recommendation (at least 3 complete sentences required--include reasons why)

I recommend this book to anyone, but especially to those kids who have had to face a crisis in their family or group of friends. Any reader can learn from the way Mysti faces challenges. Those who've faced an emergency such as that facing Mysti's family will relate to her fear and to her growth.
Karen Harrington Author Video - Spirit of Texas Reading Program, Middle School, 2015
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