Best Practice Bulletin

COVID-19 Is No Match for This Team!

Riverside Elementary School's Featured Class

Teacher: Ms. Emily Meyer

Grade: Kindergarten

Teaching Practice Video: Relevant Instruction and Character Development and BONUS Material

Summary: Ms. Meyer's kindergarteners were feeling sad about the Eagles losing streak. So, Ms. Meyer seized the moment and used the opportunity to cheer them up by sharing some life lessons with her students. As a follow up activity, she had them write notes of encouragement to the Eagles' Team displaying the "pick me up lessons" they had learned. Ms. Meyers motivated the students to do their very best so she could send them to the team. The students were rewarded for their acts of kindness and hard work with a response from Eagles' own Nathan Gerry! Fly, Ms. Meyer's Flyers, Fly!!!

Riverside Middle School's Featured Class

Teacher: Ms. Kimberly Kirkpatrick

Grade: 7th Grade Physical Education and Health

Demonstration of Teaching Practice Video: Choice Boards with Student Self- Assessment and Reflection

Summary: Ms. Kirkpatrick is engaging students in physical fitness through weekly activity Choice Boards (copies of premade templates found HERE) and ongoing student self-assessment and reflection. Throughout the week, students select physical activities from the Google Classroom Choice Board and reflect on their selections using Google Forms. Students are doing a great job participating and being accountable not only for the assignment but also their own healthy habits. Way to step- up to the challenges of COVID-19 teaching, Ms. Kirkpatrick!

Riverside High School's Featured Class

Teacher: Dr. Scott Atkinson

Content: Math (Algebra I, AP Calculus, Geometry)

Demonstration of Teaching Practice Video: English Language Learner Modifications and Remote Learner Support

Summary: It can be a challenge learning the "language of math" for many of us. Now, imagine attempting to learn advanced math content in a foreign language!?! This is a challenge many of our English Language Learners (ELL) face daily. Dr. Atkinson has worked to make accommodations for the ELLs by creating step-by-step instructional Google Slides for his remote students that are also translated into two other languages. All student have access to these lesson slides through his Google Classroom. During instruction Dr. Atkinson has also been using the voice to text features in Google Translate during direct instruction and his Co-teaching partner, Ms. Biviano, have been supporting the students in adding the Google Translate Chrome extension to their devices for translation on other resources including Google Classroom. Gran trabajo!