St. John Vianney Middle School FREP

Last minute Updates and Reminders

Week Four: 10/27/13 - 11/2/13

We hope the time spent working with textbook prompts and assignments, journal entries and the Creation and/or Revelation Family Project has been rewarding and successful for all middle school students and families. To help ensure things are in order before the next FREP meeting, next Sunday November 3rd, please note the following:

  • 8th grade students are reminded that the one homework assignment may have caused some confusion. The homework assignment is on Page 40 of the textbook, not page 41. We apologize for the typographical error.
  • All students are asked to bring their journals with them to class
  • All students should bring with them their objective rubric with parent initials next to each of the objectives.
  • Be sure to bring "the envelopes" PLEASE! While the instructors are reviewing student journal entries and providing feedback, students will be working in pairs on an activity to bring closure to what they have learned about this month as related to concepts of creation and how God is revealed to all of us. The small notes in each envelope should be written by the students and also include thoughts from family members and friends. Again, don't forget to "bring the envelopes, please!"

Creation and How God is revealed to his people

As the week wraps up, perhaps you will be reviewing with your student(s) concepts related to the understanding of creation and how God is revealed to us. To inspire discussion and finish up the work, the following links may be of help to both students and parents:

Creation Link: (Courtesy of The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops):

How God is Revealed Link: (courtesy of Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN)

JUST in case homework documents have been lost.....

For your convenience, the original documents sent home with students and families regarding homework due on Sunday, November 3, 2013 for students are included here:

SJV FREP 8th Grade Homework Document:

SJV FREP 7th Grade Homework Document:

Daylight Savings Time Ending

Don't forget to take advantage of that extra hour of sleep next Saturday night!
F.R.E.P. will begin with the monthly breakfast pot-luck meal, but if you arrive an hour earlier than usual, it just might be because you forgot to "fall back." We're looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!

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St. John Vianney Contact Information

If parents would like to contact MS FREP Instructors, it is best to do that via e-mail. Email addresses for the instructors are: