Boston Bombing

by Rachel Mercer

Was the Boston bombing on purpose or an accident ?

Most people think it was on purpose, but some people think it was an accident. The suspects family and friends think it was an accident. Their family in back in Russia was shocked about what they did. The police thinks some of their friends and family was in on the bombing. their friend Robel Philips was convicted of lying to FBI agents of not knowing about is.
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This was when the first bomb went off

Will someone try again ?

The police hope know one will try again, but if they did they would know what to do. The police said if someone tried again they would have more technology to find them or track them down.

Why did they do it ?

They did it because of all the U.S wars in Muslim countries. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was also forced by older brother to do is.
Boston Marathon Bombings - Clear footage

Will Boston have a marthon next year ?

Yes they will, the 119th marathon will be held on April 20, 2015. The race will be smaller maybe 27,000 runners not like last year with 36,700 runners.