Dream Catcher Virtual Program©

A Studio for the Inner Voice® Online Program

5 Week Dream Catchers Program - February 2015

This five (5) week program is designed for all of us who want to achieve something new, different, a change in our lives… yet we find ourselves stuck, lacking motivation, procrastinating.

This program is for you if you:-

  • are unsure of where or how to get started on your dream

  • don’t have the knowledge needed

  • believe yourself not disciplined enough to capture your dreams

  • need help

  • are scared

We will:-

  • Join in on three live and interactive conference calls within the 5 week period

  • Meet on-line in a closed and private Facebook Group

  • Brainstorm ideas for ourselves and each other on how to achieve our dreams

  • Put at least one idea into action during the 5 week program

  • Be accountability partners for each other

  • Explore when we fall short of promises made

  • Celebrate our accomplishments

You get:-

  • A fabulous way to connect, brainstorm and move forward with your dreams
  • Clarity on your dream and ideas on how to make it happen
  • Supportive and encouraging accountability partners
  • A 45 minute private one on one coaching session with Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Tracy Currie

Dream Catcher Virtual Program© February 2015

Sunday, Feb. 22nd, 6am to Sunday, March 29th, 8am

This is an online event.

Program Cost

The fee for this program is £130

Shakti Member Discounted fee £98

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The Program fee includes:-

  • 3 Live Conference Calls ( a local dial in number will be provided where possible. Any long distance charges will be paid by the participant)
  • Facilitated brain storming sessions
  • A 45 minute one on one coaching session with certified life coach, Tracy Currie

How it works

On Sunday February 22nd, we will start to use the Dream Catcher© Facebook page to communicate over the next 5 weeks.

Each Tuesday, I will lead the program and group with posted questions and or videos.

At minimum, you are asked to post your program work and experiences. This can be as brief or in depth as you are moved to share.

You are also asked to brainstorm with, help and support others in the group.

The more discussion, the richer the program, the deeper the benefits.

Don't forget, to join the closed group, please R.S.V.P no later than April 13th, 2014