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Letter from the Principal

Dear Lions Park Families,

It was a short but busy week at Lions Park! It seems the weeks fly by even more quickly the closer we get to the end of the year. Our fifth graders start their ABC countdown on Monday. They will do fun things each day for the last twenty six days of school. Each day corresponds with a letter from the alphabet until they Zip their backpacks and Zoom out of school on May 31st.

The excitement of spring can be seen throughout the school. Our second grade students have started their History of Mount Prospect field trips, and the weather has cooperated so far for their outdoor picnics. The third grade students welcomed chicken eggs and will be able to watch them hatch. Our fourth and fifth graders were treated to a concert by the Lincoln orchestra on Thursday morning. It was wonderful to have live intrumental music in the gym. It is always exciting to see our former students return to perform, and we look forward to seeing our current students come back to play for us in the future.

We also continue to do some of our end of year assessments. Students did a reading fluency assessment where they read three passages to an adult for a minute each. They also are doing a shorter math assessment on the computer. Finally, teachers are reading with students to determine progress toward year end reading level goals.

Our generous PTO is providing a treat to all Lions Park staff and students on the afternoon of May 31st. In order to participate, each student has to have the form at this link completed. Please fill out this form by Thursday, May 26th.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.


Katie Kelly


Thursday, April 21 - Board of Ed Meeting, 7 p.m. @ FV

Tuesday, April 26 - Ed Foundation Meeting, 7 p.m. @ FV

Wednesday, April 27 - PTO Pawlooza, 6 p.m.

Friday, April 29 - 5th Grade Open Gym, 6:30 p.m. @ LMS

Monday, May 2 - LP PTO Capannari's Coolest School, 3-9 p.m. (see flyer below)

PTO Meeting, 7 p.m.

Thursday, May 5 - Board of Ed Meeting (Tentative), 7 p.m. @ FV

Wednesday, May 11 - Fine Arts Night, 5:30 p.m.

Thursday, May 12 - Final Band Concert, 5 p.m. @ Bandshell

Friday, May 13 - Early Dismissal at 11:50 a.m. (NO PM KIDS CORNER)

Parent Input for 2022-2023 Class Placement

As our staff continues the important work of this school year, we are also preparing for the 2022-2023 school year. One important upcoming task will be sectioning students into classes for the new year.

Sections are created according the the following criteria:

  • Strengths and areas of need are considered for each child.

  • Some students are clustered by these strengths and/or areas of need to enable push in or pull out support.

  • Social and emotional needs are noted and an attempt is made to balance the number of students needing support in these areas among the classrooms.

  • We try to balance the number of boys and girls in each class.

We welcome your input into this process by inviting you fill out this form. Please do not feel obligated to share input. The teachers have wonderful insight into the needs of their students, and are a critical part of this process. If you choose to share your thoughts, please include information about your child's learning style and the type of learning environment you feel will be the best match for your child's style. You may also include students you feel are or are not an asset to your child's learning environment. If there is a particular child you do not want your child to be sectioned with next year, it is important to write a letter stating this. We do not automatically separate students who have had conflicts. We do not guarantee that we can honor every request, but we seriously consider all input that is provided. Because of the complexity of the process, we do not accept requests for particular teachers and requests for a particular teacher will not be honored.

While classroom teachers and specialists are involved in this process, it is important that you submit any input you have via this form, so that I am aware in case changes need to be made over the summer when the teachers are not working. Furthermore, pertinent information will be shared with teachers, but the specific form responses will be read only by me and Mrs. Dean, our assistant principal.

Please complete and submit this form no later than May 1st, if you wish to provide input. I assure you that our staff takes this task very seriously and puts a great deal of time and thought into creating the most balanced sections for the following year. We appreciate your support as we make our plans.


The railroad crossing at Central Road and NW Highway will be closed for one week starting Saturday, April 30th. It is possible this may cause delays on the bus routes. More details are included in the link below.


Planning for the 2022-23 school year is underway. If your child will not be returning to Lions Park for the 2022-23 school year, pleas call the school office at (847) 394-7330 or email Mrs. Rizzo at

Also, if you have moved during the present (2021-22) school year, please contact the office with the new address information.


Lincoln locks are available for purchase through Friday, May 13 at the Lions Park office, see flyer.

Free Lunch and Special Lunch

The PTO will be having special lunch on April 27th and May 18th from Buona Beef. We will still have free lunch on these days. Students are welcome to have both lunches if you wish to purchase a hot lunch and have your child bring home the cold lunch or eat both lunches. If you ordered a free lunch and no longer want it, you can email Mrs. Baghdassarian at


Attention 2nd Grade Parents: Dental Exam Reports are due by May 15th.

Thank you to the parents/guardians who have already sent in your Dental Exam Forms. Dental Exam Forms for all 2nd Graders are due by May 15th, 2022. Dental exams after 11/15/20 are acceptable. If needed, please schedule an appointment soon. Please have your dentist complete, date, and sign the district’s Dental Exam Form (see below).

The completed form may be emailed to or faxed to: (847) 394-7338.

Thank you!

Cathy Bauer BSN, RN, PEL-CSN

Lions Park School Nurse

Mount Prospect School District 57

Ph: 847-394-7330 x3102 Fax: 847-394-7338