Sheridan Hill Shines

October News and Notes

Dates to Note!

  • 10/10 No School – Indigenous People Day
  • 10/10 – 10/24 PTO Wrapping Paper Sale
  • 10/17 BOE Meeting at CMS Auditorium, 6 PM
  • 10/18 SH PTO Meeting in the Library, 6 PM
  • 10/24-10/28 Red Ribbon Week
  • 10/26 School Picture retakes
  • 10/28 PTO Trunk or Treat

World Down Syndrome Month

October is World Down Syndrome month! We will be celebrating this week with some Down Syndrome Q&A on morning announcements so our student body better understands each other and how all peers are differently abled in a variety of ways.

On Friday, October 14th, we invite all students at Sheridan Hill to wear blue and yellow to help bring awareness to World Down Syndrome month.


October is also Bully Prevention Month and we recognize UNITY day at Sheridan Hill each year. This is a time where we emphasize kindness, acceptance, and inclusion in our school community. We celebrate by wearing the color ORANGE on Friday, October 21st.

Red Ribbon Week

We will celebrate Red Ribbon Week and healthy lifestyle choices from Monday, October 24th-Friday, October 28th. See the list of our daily dress-ups below.
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Halloween Festivities

Halloween is just around the corner. Sheridan Hill will adhere to the following guidelines for Halloween festivities. They are as follows:

Costume Guidelines

  • If participating, students can arrive to school in their costumes or put them on in school. See teacher communications for more specifics. Please send a bag so costumes can be safely stored after the Halloween parade.

  • Masks are not allowed as it makes it difficult to see and students may become overheated (this includes the Scream Mask, Superhero face coverings, etc.). However, face paint is welcomed if put on at home.

  • Gruesome, bloody, disfigured costume components are NOT ALLOWED. We want all children to enjoy the school parade. Please save those types of costumes for outside-school Halloween activities. If costumes such as these are brought to school, the child WILL NOT be able to participate in the parade.

  • Fake weapons are NOT allowed, to preserve the atmosphere of a safe school (this includes axes, knives, swords, guns, etc.).

Our Sheridan Hill students will enjoy a parade on Monday, October 31st. Weather permitting, the parade will be held outside and parents will be welcomed to come watch. In the event of inclement weather, the parade will be held inside and will be for the students only. Notification will be made to parents as the event day gets closer.

Personal Electronics in School

Please read the letter below to all families regarding the use of personal electronic communication devices in school during the school day.

News from the Health Office

Washing Water Bottles!

It’s important to clean your water bottle thoroughly once a day to keep microbial growth to a minimum and ensure the water your student is drinking is healthy, fresh, and tasty.

· Disinfect with unscented soap, hot water, and use a bottle & straw brush.

· Don’t forget the cap and straws!

· The school has 2 refill stations for students to use.

Understanding Pink Eye

Pinkeye is the inflammation (redness, swelling) of the eye's outer layer and lining of the eyelid. There are several causes of pinkeye. Sometimes it is caused by viruses or bacteria that can be spread from person to person. Allergic and chemical pinkeye is caused by irritation and is not contagious.

Symptoms to look for:

· redness in one or both eyes with draining fluid - may be clear and watery (like tears) or thicker white or yellow pus

· The eyelids may be crusted together after sleep

· Sometimes the eyes are itchy or painful

· Feeling like there is something in the eye

· Sensitivity to bright light

· In cases of allergic conjunctivitis, itchiness and watery eyes are common symptoms.

When is a person with pinkeye contagious?

Bacterial pinkeye is contagious until 24 hours after antibiotics are started, or symptoms are gone. Viral pink eye is contagious until the eye redness and drainage are gone.

What is the treatment for pinkeye?

If you suspect your child has pinkeye, contact your child’s healthcare provider for evaluation and treatment. Bacterial pinkeye is treated with antibiotic eye drops. Be sure to complete the prescribed number of days of treatment to prevent reoccurrence. Viral pinkeye has no treatment.

School Guidelines

· Students should not be in school with significant redness, pain, irritation, or with drainage coming from their eyes.

· A diagnosis by a healthcare provider is necessary to differentiate the type of conjunctivitis. Your child may need to be excluded from school, and your child’s healthcare provider makes this decision in conjunction with the school nurse.

· Students started on antibiotic drops should complete the first 24 hours before returning.

October PTO Events