Gender And Identity

Identifying Darius


My name is Darius Chandler. I am currently in school attending Joliet West High School. I am a basketball and baseball player at Joliet West and I am a sophmore. At home, I'm a brother to 5 people, 4 brothers and 1 sister. I believe that I am good at both of the games I play and they both are very fun. I am 6'1 and I'm smart, athletic, and caring.

In the play Twelfth Night, the character Viola is a servant to Orsino that is disguising herself as a boy named Cesario. Viola is in love with Orsino and what she didn't know was that Orsino is in love with her also but she is disguised as a boy (Cesario) so she ends up finding out that Orsino actually does have feelings for her. Also Viola has disguised herself because only men could be Orsino's servants so she dressed up as a man in order to be a servant of the duke (orsino). In Twelfth Night Viola says "Please—and I’ll pay you plenty for this—help me conceal my identity, and find me the right disguise so I can look the way I want. I want to be this Duke’s servant. You’ll introduce me to him as a eunuch" (i.ii. 48.). This quote shows when Viola asks the Captain to help her disguise herself to get Orsino's attention.


I am a African American male that is in love with sports. I feel that me being a male there are more challenges in life. I feel that me being a male, you have to do more things to become better as in sports wise because there's other males that are working just as hard as you or better. Also I feel that being a male, you have to do much more of the tough tasks or the dirty work with jobs because most males are phsically stronger than women. I believe people view me being a male and playing sports as someone that can be someone and be successful by taking sports more seriously .

Viola is a FEMALE that disguises herself as a boy to get Orsino's attention. Gender has an affect on her because she is now dressed as a male and only men can be servants of the duke. Viola is in love with Orsino but she cannot love him as she is disguiesed as a male so she can only listen as Orsino talks about how much he like Olivia but towards the end he actually explains he has feelings for Viola.


At home, my parents see my as a smart, hardworking and athletic child. But they also view me as lazy as far as cleaning up in the house. In school my teachers see me as quiet and smart because i hardly talk in classes. Other people see me as athletic because most people know i play sports all the time and I'm good at them. Also some people see me as a talkative person outside of school with my friends.

I believe that other characters in Twelth Night see Viola as a male. Aso she is seen as a messenger for Orsino because she delivers messeges to people as a servant for the duke. Other people may see her as trustworthy because they trust her in delivering messeges and also delivering a ring. She is seen as trustworthy because in Twelfth Night Orsino says "Tell her how passionately I love her. Overwhelm her with examples of how faithful I am. The best thing would be to act out my feelings for her. She’ll pay more attention to a young guy like you than to an older, more serious man" (i.IV.1). This shows that Orsino trusts Viola in delivering his messege to Olivia explaining his love for her.