Waterproof Contact lenses

About Poseyedon lenses

We used doggykong chemicals in our lenses so that they can cooperate with the chemicals in any type of water salt or fresh.We even used dolphinsheild chemicals so you can go in any rough current and your contacts won't fall off. :3
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I'm George ton the owner of Poseyedon contact lenses.I'm from Falls Church in VA,I went to Virginia tech at age 12 since I had a mental advantage against the other kids my parents and i decided to go college a early age.And when in my time in college I wanted my profession as ophthalmologist, ever since i was a kid I was always frustrated when I would go swimming and not see anything even with goggles on.After college I went to see how water proof camera lenses were made,to build my own creation of lenses with less fluoropolymer,for less stiffness but more hydrogel for more pain relief for a more comfortable contact lenses for your needs.