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Zeus Retires

Zeus has decided to retire . Rumors say it is because he has aged a lot and feels as if he is not fit for the job anymore. Now everyone is left without a Gods head to lead and help them. See on pg. 7
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Hades was reported missing on October 7th.2016,at the time of 3:36. If anyone finds out anything about his dissaperence or any type of clues please call 1-800-555-777. This is very important, be on the look out for Hades. find out more info on page 54.
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Ares proposed!

As everyone knows Ares and Athena have been together for a long time, but Ares proposed to her! Everyone is thriving to know what she is going to say. We interviewed her a few days after he proposed and we have a little guess as to what she is going to say. See what was said in the interview on pg. 13!
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Aphrodites new Love Potion! :)

Read more about this amazing potion made by the goddess of love on pg 17! ;)
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By: Lillian Calhoun, Katherine Ventura and Kylee Dutton

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