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Week 10, Term 2, 2020

Dear parents and carers,

Thank you so much for being so very supportive of our staff during what has been an unprecedented time. We feel very privileged to have such a supportive and committed community and love working alongside you all to support your children. I wish you all a very safe and relaxing break and look forward to seeing you all in Term 3.


Semester 1 reports will be going home on Friday the 24th July. These reports are different to previously written reports due to at home learning and the COVID-19 pandemic. You will have the opportunity to discuss your child's report and his/her achievement of their Semester 1 goals during week 2, 27-31 July, 2020 at Goal Setting Interview. We encourage every family to participate in these meetings as they form a very important part of your child's schooling. Please return the form attached to this newsletter asking you to nominate a time for your meeting. Please note that these meetings will either be held over the phone or through zoom.


As the COVID19 Government advice changes we will communicate how this impacts us here at LPPS. The following list explains any changes to Term 2 operations and programs.

  • Students are to be dropped off at the front gate between 8.30-9.00am.
  • Breakfast club will resume, children are to grab something and take it to their classroom, there is still no play on the playground before school.
  • At home time, students will be brought up to the gate for dismissal from 2.55pm.
  • In school extra curricular programs such as choir and coding will recommence.
  • Student Wellbeing programs such a therapeutic mentoring, will recommence.
  • Assemblies will recommence, however without parent attendance.
  • School Sport will commence on Fridays, including a K-6 NRL workshop (TBC) and the 3-6 Next Gen Wellbeing program (TBC).
  • K-2 Sydney Theatre Drama Program will begin
  • Ethics SEE and Anglican SRE will begin in Week 3 on Wednesday. Catholic SRE will start in Term 4.


We are seeking people interested in helping to care for our vegetable garden. Bring along the kids to show them how food is grown whilst also supporting your school's sustainability initiatives and programs. A working bee is planned for 9.00am on Sunday the 26th July. We hope to clear the garden beds for new crops, add mulch, compost and do a general tidy up. Anyone interested or wanting further information, please call Jamie on 0402 426 871. You can also find all information on the LPPS P&C Garden Committee Facebook page.


If you would like help look after the chickens during the holidays, please just give email us ( and provide your mobile number so that we can add you to the WhatsApp group. The chickens need to be let out each morning and put away each night. They also need their water and pellets topped up and you can bring down any vegetable/fruit scraps, which they will be very thankful for. One perk of the job is that you get to take home any eggs that have been laid.


Regular attendance at school is essential for students to achieve quality life outcomes. Schools, in partnership with parents, are responsible for promoting the regular attendance of students. Post at home learning, due to COVID-19, it is more important that ever for students to attend every day they are well. Click here for more information.

Please also remember that if your child has been sick or away from school that you need to either send in a note or provide an explanation through the SchoolStream APP.


Getting head lice is just part of being a kid and there are regular outbreaks in all schools. Due to the way children play it is very hard to eradicate lice all together but the following tips can help reduce the likelihood. These school holidays might be a great time to get on-top of it.

Tips for parents in reducing the spread of head lice

As infestations are particularly common in primary schools, it is best to choose a treatment that can be used over time. There is no single solution to eradication, only persistence.

  • regularly check your children's hair
  • teach older children to check their own hair
  • tie back and braid long hair
  • once a week saturate the hair with conditioner and leave on for 5 minutes before using a fine tooth head lice comb to comb out any nits or lice.


Tuesday 21st July - First day back for students

Friday 24th July - Reports go home

27/7-30/1 - Goal Setting Interviews

Wednesday 29th July - GOT IT program commences.

Monday 3rd-7th August - NAIDOC Week

Tuesday 4/8 @ 6pm - P&C Meeting

Friday 28th August - Premiers Reading Challenge closes

Saturday 12th September - Teddy Bear's Picnic (TBC)

Tuesday 15th September - School Photos

26/10-29/10 - Kindy Orientation (TBC)

Friday 30/10 - Teacher Appreciation day

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Warm regards,
Lisa Haller | Principal
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