How to Annoy Your Teacher

By: Hope

How to Annoy your Teacher

Click, Click. Click, Click. That's me tapping my pencil on my desk this is one of the many ways to annoy your teacher! If you want to find out more ways to annoy your teacher then look here!

1. First you have to go to school of course.

2. One of the easy ways to annoy your teacher is to simply tap your pencil on your desk.

3. Don't turn your homework in. He will get mad because he doesn't have everything to grade.

4. Another very easy thing to do is talk to your friends when he is talking.

*ecspecially if what he is saying is important.*

5. Finally, just chime in, in beetween his sentences with your opinion.

I hope you use these things to annoy your teacher with. Maybe sometime I can teach you how to annoy your parents.