Voices from the diaster!

wealthy passengers

Titanic was one of the biggest ships in the world. Those who were able to travel were extremely wealthy, for they were able to pay the expensive cost. For example, "Mrs Cardeza was traveling with an amazing amount of lugging: 14 trunks, 4 suitcases, 3 crate of medicine chest, her baggage included 70 dresses, 38 feather boas, and 10 fur coats she was also carrying at least $30,000 in jewelry" (30).


Characterization is importatnt in this text. Although these are real-life people, many were from different walks of life. People range from the very wealthy to the very poor to the workers on the boat.

Mrs. Cardeza wasn't the only wealthy person on the boat, for example Pierre Marechal a 28 year old frenchman who boarded the Titanic as a first class passenger at Cherbourg on April 10. He had a lot of money because of his job as a businessman. The wealthy people slept in first class. First class is an expensive part of the Titanic where people get high top service with extra rooms for expensive personal things.

Setting is crucial in this non-fiction text. This novel is made up of many survivor's accounts of their experiences aboard the Titanic. Had the Titanic not hit an iceberg and sink, these people's stories would be very different.


Titanic was supposedly a very safe ship, if I were on the Titanic I would make sure that I would have my own life jacket, another safety materials. So many wealthy people were on the ship hoping that nothing would happen. Unfortunately the Titanic sank. Thousands of passengers were on the ship, there were many wealthy people and there were many poor people but they all afforded just to get on the ship that's on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.