Standard 12

By Cameron Davis

First Abolitionists

1)Benjamin Franklin was president at the time of the first abolitionist societies. PAS was one of them. It was helping free blacks obtain employment and making black schools. The PAS wanted to help the free blacks with their situations. Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Rush helped write the constitution for abolitionist societies. William Lloyd garrison was an abolitionist also, he wrote a paper on abolitionist. Frederick Douglass was introduced to the abolitionist societies in 1841 by William Coffin.

the Northwest Ordinance of 1787

3)It laid the basis for the government of the Northwest Territory and for the admission of its constituent parts as states into the union. Under the ordinance, slavery was forever outlawed from the lands of the Northwest Territory, freedom of religion and other civil liberties were guaranteed, the resident Indians were promised decent treatment, and education was provided for.