Marco Polo

Merchant and Explorer


Marco Polo was born and raised in a Italian city called Venice. He died there as well. Polo's lifespan was from 1254-1324. Being the son of a merchant, that became his occupation as well. At age 17, he traveled to Cathay, China and spent nearly 20 years there.


Marco Polo had many amazing achievements. For example, he not only mastered 4 languages, but mastered their writings as well. He also traveled to lands no European had ever explored before.He wrote a book about his travels and inspired many important explorers, such as Christopher Columbus. He became a Chinese governor in his stay in China. A final achievement was escorting a Chinese princess to persia.


Marco polo wrote a book that inspired many other explorers. This book also became one of the most important travel documents in history. He also was the first European to travel in many lands.

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