Identity Theft

By: Dillon Kimsey

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What is Identity Theft?

•Identity Theft is when someone steals your personal information and uses to do things without your permission.

How to prevent yourself from Identity Theft

  • Destroy all personal information
  • There are many scam websites and emails so call your bank or credit card company and see if it is real or a scam.
  • Set complex passwords with letters and numbers for your bank or credit cards and change them every 6 months.
  • Also dont have name or birthdate as your passwords
  • Do not give out your personal information to anyone.
  • Monitor your credit card and bank accounts for any unknown purchases or charges.
  • Keep an eye on all wallets and purses.

Signs of Identitiy Theft

  • Withdrawls of large amounts of money from your bank account that you cant explain
  • Debt Collector calls
  • Random bills or charges to your account
  • Medical bills that arent yours
  • Rejected health care
  • Denied for credit card or loans
  • Collection calls about accounts you never opened
  • Errors on credit report
  • Bank account is flagged

How to fix Identity Theft

  • Change all passwords and shutdown bank accounts
  • Contact a major credit reporting agency
  • Place a fraud alert
  • Review all bank and credit card and bank account statements
  • File a complaint with the Fedral Trade Commission
  • File a police report with your local police