What Are Atlantic Puffins????

By: Neena

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What Are Atlantic Puffins?

Atlantic puffins are a spices of bird that sport very bright coulorings and are known mainly as "the sea bird" because they can fly underwater.Most people think that the Atlantic Puffins are just like a penguin. But guess what? Atlantic Puffins are nothing like penguins,and infact, Puffins are not evan related to penguins. After you learn about Puffins, they will become your new favourite animal.

The Beak

Atlantic puffins have penguin like couloring, but they sport a coulorful beak that has led some to dub them the "sea parrot." The beak fades to a drab grey in the winter and blooms with colour again in the spring.The Puffins beak is one of its main features, and is known pretty much just for that.


These are some fun facts that you will want to know about the Atlantic Puffin.First, the Puffins type is a bird of course.Second, the Species name is Fratercula Artica.Next the height is about 25 cm and the Life time is close to being around 20 years.The weight of a Puffin is 500 grams.

What Do Puffins Eat?

Puffins are carnivors.They eat fish, crustaceans, squid, and marene worms.They eat about 2 times a day and enjoy eating for about half and hour each meal. Eating is something that Puffins love to do, but if the Puffin eats too much, then later, the puffin will autimatitcly fall asleep.


Dispite having wings, the puffin is a poor flyer.The Puffin must flap its wings 300-400 beats per minute to stay airborne. It also has trouble landing gracefully and often crashes and tumbles onto the sea or grass. The puffin is a strong swimmer and its  wings serve it best by helping it "fly" underwater.


Puffins are exellent swimmers, that use there wings to "fly" underwater. The puffin can dive to depths of 200 feet,  (61 metres). Swimming is something that the Puffin does everyday. It is also something that they enjoy doing.


Atlantic puffins live most of their lives at sea resting on waves when not swimming. They useally live on either the eastern coast of Canada or the northern United States. Also, puffins useally live near icelands.