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A Lot To Appreciate

Hello Pillow Panther Staff!

Another week is upon us! I hope you had a restful weekend. Remember to take care of yourself...especially in this busy/stressful time of the year. Only 37 days of school left!

This week is Librarian Appreciation Week and Assistant Principal Week. It's a time to recognize and celebrate the hard work of our librarian and assistant principal, and we have a lot to celebrate! We have a great librarian in Ms. Finnegan and I really appreciate all that she does for our school. Not only does she make sure the library is running smooth, but she also takes care of our technology needs, helps with online testing for GT and TELPAS, helps organize and set up for events, and even steps in at times when Ms. Cardenas and I might both be out, as she is a certified administrator. I want to thank Ms. Finnegan for all that she does and I hope you will as well.

It is also Assistant Principal Week, and we are lucky to have the best Assistant Principal in the district. I don't say that lightly. The job of Assistant Principal is very tough one and Ms. Cardenas makes it look very easy. She is a natural at it. When I found out I was going to have the honor of being the Pillow Principal back in June, and I was allowed to hire an Assistant Principal, I knew I needed someone that was strong instructionally and could handle the stress of being an AP at a Title I campus. I always knew Ms. Cardenas would be a great AP, but she has far exceeded my expectations. She is not only a great AP, but could easily be a great Principal right now. We are very lucky to have her as a part of the Pillow family and I hope you will join me in thanking her this week during National Assistant Principals Week.

Along with a great Librarian and Assistant Principal, we have so many great staff members that step up every day and do a great job educating and supporting our kiddos. I want to remind you that Mr. C was nominated for AISD Classified Staff of the Year and Ms. Hendricks is a finalist for AISD Volunteer Coordinator of the Year. We are very lucky to have them on our staff as well and I hope you'll remember to congratulate them as well.

I want to thank Ms. Brookhart and everyone that was involved in our 1st annual Pillow Role Model Fair last Friday. It took a lot of work to organize the event, set up the space so quickly, rotate that many classes through the stations, and break the rooms down so quickly. It was so much fun watching the students learn about different careers. It's so important for things like that to happen because many of our Panthers might not ever get the chance to hear about all of those careers if we don't bring them to the school. I loved hearing all of the students tell me which presenter was their favorite and I loved receiving thank you cards from students and thank you emails from staff. I hope to get to do it again next year.

Again...37 days left. Let's stay focussed and make sure we are working hard every day to provide a high quality education for our Panthers all the way to the last day of school. We don't want to become lax in our teaching and we don't want the students to become lax either. Thank you for all that you do for our kiddos.

P.S. There seemed to be some confusion last Wednesday when I stated at the staff meeting that I wanted y'all to text me and let me know when you are going to be out. I was speaking to the times when you are going to be out last second. If you've put in a time off request in WorkForce well in advance of the date, and put the reason for the absence in the comments section, then that is enough. I get an email when you put in a time off request and I can read the comments before approving the time off. I was talking about the times when you are out unexpectedly. If you get sick or have to be out last second, that's when I am asking you to shoot me a text message so I know ahead of time. Just a reminder that I am also asking you to be mindful the impact taking off has on the campus. People get sick and people have things that come up, but using a lot of time at the end of a school year just to use it can really have a negative impact on your students and put a lot of stress on your team. So, please use your time off responsibly. When we have days like last Friday, when 9 or 10 staff members are out at once, it can easily cause disruptions for the whole campus. Also, the end of a school year is a hard time to secure subs. So, there is a good chance that we won't find anyone to cover your class if you put in for a random sub last second. So, I'm just asking you to be mindful of that before putting in any requests as we finish out the year.

P.P.S. Speaking of time off. Many of you know this already because I had to change our observation dates, but I will be out of town this Thursday through Sunday. My wife's grandfather is dying of cancer and doesn't have a lot of time left. My wife wants to see him one last time and for him to see Everett as well. As much as I hate taking personal days (it never happens) I have to put my "husband hat" on here and support her request. So, I apologize, but I will be out Thursday and Friday to drive to Colorado. I will be back in time for work on Monday the 18th. Ms. Cardenas will be in charge, just like any other time that I'm out for meetings, and will have the support of the counselors and other support staff. I just wanted y'all to be aware. Thanks.

-Mr. Hill

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