A Clockwork Orange:

Should It Be Taught?

Of Course,

this book should be taught in tenth grade honors classes. This book is a classic tale of good vs evil in a weary setting of England in a future. It shows many key themes that we can find in our lives today such as, crime, destruction, rehabilitation, government and other such things.

Words, Words, and More Words

This book uses slang to enhance the value of your reading. Not only does it give you these words, the book makes you figure out what these words mean and why they are used. This makes you have a deeper understanding of word choice and the setting being presented.

In Other Words-


Again, tell us why should this book be taught-

This book is just pages full of literary genius. This book has so many themes it isn't even funny. The book can be interpreted in so many ways it is interesting to see what themes a person finds in relation to his/her personality. If this book was banded then that would be just one more masterpiece lost to our youth. This book needs to be taught.