kite project


Blue print

1: Take the trash bag and lay it flat in your work area.

2: Now take you a black marker and trace out your diamond kite.

3:Next take your scissors and cut the out line of your kite and lay it out. Put your scraps to the side you can use those for the tale or decoration.

4:Then take your straws or sticks and line them up on the back of your kite so that it will be stabled. Now make the straws about the same size of your kite, you may have to cut some parts or add some parts so you can get it to fit depending on how big your kite is. Once you have done that tape it down so it will stay in place.

5:After that take a pen or pencil and make two wholes in the middle of your kite. Now take your yarn or string and put the string between the two holes. Once you have done that make a tight know so that the string will stay in place also make sure the string is long enough for your kite to go high. So tie the other end of your string or ribbon to a pop sickle stick or something that will hold it and rap it around your stick.

6:Now take your straws or sticks and out line it on the same side of your cross. Once you have done that your kite should be outlined all the way around. After that take some tape and tape it down to hold in place.

7:Take the kite and flip it over. Now take your decorations or scraps and decorate your kite how ever you want it.

8:Finally take your kite outside and get to flying.

History of kites

About 3000 years ago kites were invented in china out of bamboo and silk. One of the most famous kites there was the camoto dragon kites. It has a huge head n takes about ten people to hold it up.You may be familiar with this cause they do it every year on chinese new year. They have a big celebration and thats were youll see most of the dragon.
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