Charleston Earthquake of 1886

By : Gracie Carr


Definition : a sudden and violent shaking of the ground.

How is it caused? : It is caused when either a underground rock breaks along a fault or when two rocks/plates rub against each other, causing seismic waves that make the ground shake.

Where do they occur? : Earthquakes are generally happen in the fault lines of earth or on the boundaries of earths tectonic plates, but the earthquake can effect places all around the world.

Can they be predicted?, if yes, how? : Yes, earthquakes can be predicted. Scientist can predict them with seismometer, which defects vibrations in the earths crust.

How can you prevent death/injury during earthquakes? : First you should remember to stay calm, then move away from any buildings, streetlights, etc., lastly stay in the open until the earthquake stops.

How can you prepare for an earthquake at home? : To prepare for an earthquake at home, practice an earthquake drill so that you know what to do if one occurs.

Charleston, South Carolina 1886 Earthquake -

When did it happen? : August 31st, 1886

Where did it happen? : Charleston, South Carolina

3 interesting facts :

• Estimated magnitude of 7.0.

• Total damage was worth about $5.5 million.

• During the time of the earthquake, they didn't have the technology to find the cause of the earthquake.

What was the cause of disasters? : It was later discovered that the cause of the earthquake was from a concealed fault along the coastal plains of Virginia and the Carolinas.

What was the death toll? : 60 total casualties.

What were the damages? : The damages include about 14,000 chimneys fallen, multiple fires and water lines and wells ruptured, acres of land liquefied, and almost all of the building in the area were destroyed.

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