Changing Careers

By: Chandler Whitsitt

Considering A Change: Exploring Your Options

1. Before jumping to a new job make sure you understand your desire to make a change.

2. Before making a change make sure you are financially fit so you can deal with the hardships.

3. Before you jump to a conclusion you can shadow a worker for a period of time to learn about their job and daily problems that occur.

4. If you can't shadow an employee you can also volunteer, or just simply research the job.

Developing A Plan: Mapping Your Moves

1. Be practical, if possible make the move in stages, by furthering your education first.

2. Have a salary price in mind but don't lock it in, because this can give you fewer job opportunities.

Making the Change: Burning No Bridges

1. Don't say anything negative about your former employer of their workplace.

2. Leave your former a formal and respectful letter to let them know that you are going to leave the workplace.

Beginning the New Journey: Showcasing your Experience

1. Make good first impressions, have nice posture, appropriate clothes, and have a proper resume.

2. Acknowledge what you aren't so good at also. Even if it makes your resume not look as good employers prefer honesty.