Georgia's a Peach

Reasons to Come

Our History

Georgia was founded in 1732 by James Oglethorpe and the British government. We were originally created as a refuge for the religiously persecuted. We are tolerant of most religions, especially Protestantism. Although we were originally created as a buffer between South Carolina and Spanish Florida, our main focus now is in agriculture, particularly cotton, tobacco, rice, sugar, and indigo.


  • Trade: We mostly trade with the other Southern Colonies. Our trade items include tobacco, cotton, rice, indigo, lumber, fur, and farm products.
  • Government: We are governed as a Royal Colony so we are ruled by officials appointed by the king of Great Britain.
  • Location: Because we are in the Southern Colonies, we have a warm climate that is ideal for growing crops throughout the year. We are made up of plains and forests which are ideal for plantations and lumber for trade.
  • Events: In 1737, construction began on Fort Augusta located on the Savannah River just north of Savannah. In 1740, James Oglethorpe led an invasion to capture St. Augustine, Florida. Many of his men were killed in action.
  • Key People:
  1. William Stephens - secretary for the colony
  2. Tomochichi - chief of Yamacraw Indians, mediator between native population and English settlers
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