Christopher Columbus

by: Addison Calahan

Culumbus's Young Years

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451. He was born to a middle-class family where his father worked as a wool merchant. Columbus moved into his father's business but soon realised that he wanted to be a sailor.

Columbus's accident

When Columbus was a teenager he signed up to work on a merchant ship. On one of his adventures in 1470, the ship crashed and sank. Columbus happened to make it out and floated to the Lisbon shore on a plank of wood. In Lisbon, he decided to study mathematics, astronomy, cartography, and navigation.

Columbus's big plan

People couldn't travel from Europe to India on foot because it was too dangerous so they decided to ship across the border of Africa which took forever. Columbus decided that the Earth was 25% smaller than what scientist said it was. Therefore, he came up with a plan to sail West and hopefully reach India faster. He proposed his plan to the King who rejected this idea. Out of luck he moved to Spain. He offered his plan to Queen Isabelle which was also rejected. In 1492 she came around and decided to take him up on his plan.

columbus sets sail

On August 3, 1942, Christopher and his men set sail for India. His goals for traveling were his lust for Gold, adventure loving heart, and hopes for conquest. Europe also needed a reliable source fo herbs and medicines. On this journey, He came along some island that he thought were India, but happened to be the Carribean islands.

How Columbus changed the World

Christopher Columbus changed the world by not being afraid of rejection. He pursued his goal of being a sailor even after he almost died on an exploration. When he brought his plan to the King and Queen Isabelle, they turned him down. By having hope, he found what we call home, America. His accomplishments are all because he never gave up and that caused him to find something he wasn't even looking for.