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Hellstern Middle School Newsletter, Springdale, AR

2019-2020 Summer Edition Update #2 (May 29, 2020)

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Take a VIRTUAL TOUR of Hellstern Middle School!

We have just started this project, keep checking for more information in the tour. You can meet some teachers and find out about our 6th & 7th grade classes in this tour!

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NEW: Updated information for Basketball

Volleyball Tryouts

We are not scheduling volleyball tryouts at this point. Coach White has created a Google Classroom that you may join if you are interested in continuing to get information. The code is oshp7rc.

If you have questions, please email Coach White (katie.white@sdale.org).

Tryout information for Rising 7th graders

Please know that we will make every effort to keep these interactions safe for our students & staff. We are following the directive given by state officials as well as the Arkansas Activities Association (AAA).

Also, as always, you must have a completed physical in order to tryout for a team. According to AAA rules, a yearly physical shall reasonably be expected to be within 12-15 months.

Rationale - The coaches and school administration must be assured that the athletes are physically fit prior to beginning practice as well as competition. The health and safety of students and student athletes fall directly under school care.

Marshallese families can now receive SNAP

Marshallese children can get money from the SNAP if already in the Free Reduced Meal program.

Join ACOM and Laura Kellams discussing the latest change on the SNAP program. If your child is enrolled in the Free/Reduced meal program, you should receive the SNAP card in the upcoming weeks. No need to do anything, card will automatically be sent to your known address.

In a recent survey, Food insecurity was identified as the third covid-19 need in the Marshallese community. The latest change will reduce financial burden on families, especially those who make minimum wage and there are many in the Marshallese community.

Ajiri in Majel rej kio maron teru ñan SNAP ñan aer maroñ wia mōñā. Koba tok ippen ACOM im Laura Kellams ilo kōnono ko ikijjien oktak eo ekaal tata ilowaan SNAP program eo. Elanne ajiri eo nejum ej pãd ilo būrookraam in Free Reduced Meal eo ilo mwon jikuul eo, ekwe enaaj iwoj kaat eo ilo wiik kein maan waj. Ejjelok men eo Kwoj aikuj kommane ilo torein, enaaj kajju iwoj kaat eo ñan atōrej eo am.

Ilo juon kar ekkatak jekar kommane, aikuj mona ekar kein kajilu menin aikuj ilo torein Ewor nanimwj in COVID-19. Oktak in enaaj jipan bwe en diklok an baamle eo jolok jāān elaptata ñan ro edik wōneaer im emoj an alikkar ke jukjuk in pãd in adwoj Rimajel ewor rein ie.

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