Come to Brazil!

The Land of Soccer


Brazil is a wonderful place to visit if you love soccer. The capital of Brazil is Brazilia and Brazilia is also a great place to visit so pack your bags and head to Brazil. Also make sure you bring shorts and tank tops if you go there in the Summer. If you have troubles getting to Brazilia,Brazil it is 15.798o S, 47.8667o W or it is North of Uruguay.

Wonderful Places to Visit When You Are in Brazil

Areas You Might Not Want to Visit

There are also some not so good places to visit in Brazil like the North-Western region where Rondonia, Brazil (one of the most polluted places on earth) is located.

How people,goods,and Ideas transport in Brazil.

You can transport in Brazil by riding a boat,tram,train,or bus. If you would like to send something to a friend it could get there by road,rail,or waterways and if you would like to start a business in Brazil you could get customers by sending out messages by phones,TV, or radio.