Football - 99% Danger, 1% Glory

By Aidan Rodriguez

Imagine you are ready to play football. Someone passes the ball to you, so you head toward the end of the field. Someone slams into you and you hit your head in the ground. Hard. This is what Isaiah Kahut had to experience along with more than a week of treatment (Should Kids Play Football?). It is no longer a secret that playing football causes extremely dangerous unavoidable damage to the brain caused by continual attacked to the head. Parents shouldn't be allowed to subject their children to this harm.

Football causes many brain injuries that cause many mental issues. A September report done by "PBS Frontline" showed that 76 of 79 deceased NFL players suffered from a degenerative brain disease called CTE (Why I'll Never Let My Sons Play Football)". CTE stands for chronic traumatic encephalopathy. This is a disease caused by multiple impacts to the head. This disease causes symptoms such as "...lifelong pain, memory lapses, aggression, depression, personality changes and many other issues." (Should Kids Play Football?)". Why would someone play this game if it has been show that all these terrible symptoms can occur? If a child who plays football or had played football in the past few months is studied carefully, damage to the function of the brain can be seen (Omalu). Why would parents subject their children to all these negative effects? Obviously, football causes many brain injuries that cause many mental problems to manifest.

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Most damage causes by football is formed because of repetitive damage to the head. Think of football like you would think of smoking. Smoking one cigarette will probably won't kill you, but smoking many will cause death. Getting one concussion from football will probably won't kill you, but many sustained concussions over the years will cause death (Why I Don't Want My Son To Play Football). If you let your children play football, they come closer to death from every concussion they sustain. Chief Medical Examiner Bennet Omalu stated that "...cellular injuries accumulate to cause irreversible brain damage." Not only has your child now has sustained a mental disorder because of your mistake of letting them play this violent sport, but now they will have it for the rest of their life. Even the author of "Should Kids Play Football " says that "Football players of all ages have suffered permanent brain damage from repeated concussions." Even if your children are teenagers or even grown ups, they are still at risk.

You may be thinking that this has a low chance of happening. You're wrong. Brain trauma is almost impossible to avoid in football. CNN reported that football players of all ages have a shocking 75% chance of suffering a concussion in their careers..." (Why I Don't Want My Son To Play Football). When you sign your child up for football, the odds are against you as you gamble their lives for short lived moments of glory. The author of "Should Kids Play Football?" has found that "No sport has more concussions than football."

This brings up another problem. Parents state that lots more children would get less exercise and cause more obesity. What these parents clearly don't know is that sports such as swimming can be equally or even more beneficial than football. Swimming takes dedication, while basically everyone can play football. Anyone can catch or throw a football, but not everyone can swim many laps in one go. One thing for sure, it's harder to get injured in swimming than it is in football.

Football can and will cause irreversible damage to your child's developing brain. Your child is at risk whenever they step onto the field. They have lives ahead of them that you could mess up by letting them play this. But it's not really your fault. People have only recently discovered the relation of mental illness and football. That is why a solution should be proposed. The equipment is not safe enough, so why not do research on what people could do to make it better? It could save many lives.