Come to Minnesota

Where a better life awaits you

I am confident your family will have a better life here in Minnesota.

Why stay in your crowded city full of famine when you can come to spacious Minnesota where there is an abundance of food and other resources?

No need to worry about transportation.

There are many ways to get to Minnesota from your current city. You can catch a ride by steam boat April through November, or by train from the East Coast to Mississippi River towns. When traveling in the wintertime you could take a horse-drawn stage coach and you can also travel by foot, canoe, or oxcart.

No ague and fever there.

Minnesota has a dry and healthy climate, and its cold winters kill off all disease.

Great opportunities!

Minnesota is rich in natural resources. Minnesota has land and water of the best kind, and has more than enough resources to support not only your family but all of your friends and their families, too. Land is also very profitable and claims can be made by the rich and the poor.

But Hurry!

Currently more than twenty million acres of land are open for settlement. But the country is fast filling up. The population has gone up by 2500% in the past ten years and will continue to grow. The vast majority of people living in Minnesota are people just like you! They have recently moved to Minnesota and are now pursuing a better life.