Mental Health Matters

Aquin Servant Leadership Team Project

1. Toilet Talks

  • Informational Flyers in Aquin High School Campus bathroom stalls.
  • Hotlines posted as applicable.

2. 'You Are Not Alone' Bracelets

  • Every student and staff person in the building received one from Servant Leaders to let them know that they are not alone in any struggles they may have, that each of us matters, and a Servant Leader is here to listen at any time.

3. 'Mental Health Matters' Shirts

  • Click on the link below to order a shirt that can be worn on designated Jean Days on February 17, March 10, and April 14, 2021.
  • Orders are due Wednesday, February 3.
  • Shirts will be delivered Thursday, February 11.
  • Proceeds will be donated to the new FHN Vyas Mental Health Crisis Center, but most importantly we want to raise awareness of mental health issues!

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4. Personal Thank You Staff Letters

  • The Aquin Servant Leaders reflected on the importance of the staff in our building--especially in the pandemic. To express their gratitude, each Servant Leader wrote personal thank you letters to the staff.