Leap into Literacy

March/April: Grade 4

Reading: Accountable Talk- Making Sure Both Partners Count!

According to Shana Frazin (senior staff developer at the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project), “Partners support each other in becoming the best they can be. Partners share goals and ways to work on goals. Teach kids there are lots of different kinds of goals readers pursue.” Here are some anchor charts Shana posted on her twitter account that can help students have meaningful conversations with their partners. Through these conversations, students can develop personal reading goals.

Writing: Using Transition Words in Persuasive Essays

The Teacher’s College persuasive writing student checklist includes the following about transitions:

I used words and phrases to glue parts of my piece together. I used phrases such as for example, another example, one time, and for instance to show when I was shifting from saying reasons to giving evidence and in addition to, also, and another to show when I wanted to make a new point.

Here are some more transitions that might help students as they revise their essays. This list might work best in your classroom as an anchor chart or as a resource students can put into their writer’s notebooks.

Opinion Transitions

Sentence Starters for stating your opinion:

  • In my opinion

  • I think

  • I feel

  • I believe

  • I prefer

  • My favorite

Transitions when providing reasons:

  • First

  • To start

  • To begin with

  • Second

  • Next

  • Another reason

  • Finally

  • Lastly

  • More importantly

  • One last reason

Transitions when providing examples/details:

  • For example

  • For instance

  • In particular

  • Specifically

  • Additionally

  • In other words

  • In fact

  • An example is

Transitions when coming to a conclusion:

  • In conclusion

  • All in all

  • As you can see

  • To sum it up

  • To summarize

  • Finally