Christmas story

By Ben

Hi my name is Ben. My favorite season is Christmas. In this story I am going to tell you why I like Christmas. I like Christmas because I get to open gifts spend time with my family. There was one year where it was Christmas Eve. I shook the Present, and I could not hear anything, and opened it There was nothing. I was mad! Next I gave it one last shake and an IPod. It was an IPod four. It was white instead of black. I was so excited, and the first day I played with it was my favorite thing ever. I still have it and I still like it just like I did When I got it out of the present. The best time I have had with my family at Christmas was last year. We went to church for an hour. When we came home we realized that Santa had come. That year I also got one Xbox 360 game. It was NBA 14. I was so excited that I skipped food. The first game we played was the T-wolves VS. the Miami heat. We did a couple games, and I won both of them. It was a really fun! I had a really fun Christmas. This year my mom said that we are going to the midnight service. It is like all there is candles' and it is really dark. To me it sounds cool and fun. Then we are coming back to the house and we will get to open our gifts if Santa comes. On Christmas my favorite basketball team is going to play so I will watch them. My favorite team Is the T-wolves. Last night they beat a team that has won 14 of their last 15 games! We beat them 90-82, so now They have won 14 of their last 16 games, and we have a new rookie from Kansas his name Is Andrew Wiggins! Back to Christmas. This year for Christmas I would like games for my new Xbox One. If I could get a game, it would have to be about sports. I already got an Xbox One for Christmas along with Madden 15 and Just Dance 2015. Also I got another controller, and it is fun to play on. I think the Xbox One is better because it listens to anything you say. You also get all the Television channels. We also have 367 GB on The Xbox One. On the Xbox 360 we only had 6 GB. I think that this year's Christmas is going to be better than any other. Also this year we are going to my cousins and grandma's house. We are going there to open presents and spend time with family. I am also going to spend Christmas with my other grandma to night. I don't like all the other holiday's because you don't get to open presents.

I don't like Halloween because you don't open presents and you don't spend time with family. That is why there is a problem with Halloween. I also like Christmas because it is God's B-day. All the other holidays don't even have anything to do with god. That is another reason why I like Christmas better than any other holidays. This is why I like Christmas better than any other holidays. Christmas is not about the gifts. It is about spending time with family and celebrating gods B-day, and if you do all those things you should have an amazing Christmas. Also don't forget to say thank you. Even if, you don't like it you still have to say Thank You. You should also be thankful that your parents spent a lot of their time to get you guys presents.

That is why I like Christmas better than any other holidays. To me Christmas means a lot because I get to spend time together. Christmas should always be remembered as one of the best holidays, but don't forget about all the other holidays like Thanksgiving because that is a really important to. It is especially amazing because you get to gather with your family and eat food. You also get to catch up with each other. Maybe even sleepover. Like I did this year. This year I slept over, and I also got to celebrate Christmas. That is where I got the Xbox One at. My uncle's got it for me. My sister also got the newest doll. Our sister also got new comes and all this stuff for her doll. To be Honest we have the best uncle's ever. They also have a dog named Wesley. He is getting old, and he is probably going to die in a year or two. We have lately been thinking about getting a dog and we want his name To be Gold. He will be named after the Minnesota Gophers. I hope everyone has a Good Christmas, but don't forget about all the other Holiday's! Merry Christmas! P.S You can feed Santa's Reindeer with carrots.