Addiction To Video Games

By Chris Mullen

Gamers Addiction.

Video Games are a growing industry that is increasing at a faster rate then what any other company can compete with. Everyone may not have experienced an amazing once in a life time event but everyone has at least played some form of video game. Some put it down almost 5 minutes after they start, for others it can become a serious problem and lead to an addiction in which you suffer some serious side effects. How does someone become addicted? A stressful life over other problems with family members can cause for a need to escape. A virtual world with a story and people to meet sounds pretty

The addiction first made its appearance in the 1980s when video games moved from the arcade to your home. People became excited by the idea and video games took off offering new worlds.

Biology: People who experience social or family problems are the ones that are usually involved in the video game addiction. They use it to escape reality and be incontrol of their own world. Once they get a taste of this new reality life becomes a game and the game becomes their life for them. They give up there social interactions to make more time to play.


78% of family's have video games in their house.

On average 8-18 year olds spend 20 hours a week playing video games.

The gaming industry surpassed the filming industry in 2002 with 10.8 billion dollars in revenue.

Impact: video game addiction takes your social and outside life and crumpled it up. You start replacing meeting friends in real life with playing video games. In some cases people skip eating which effects your health even more. You can also develope ADHD and other disabilities.

Treatments: institutes and online programs have been set up in order to disconnect you from video games and regain your social life. These sources aren't that well credited because the addiction isn't as common as the others so only a few institutions are set up.

Murder: When cops came to a 87 year olds house what the found was a surprise. In Illinois cops had found an 87 year old shot in the back of the head. The only other person around was an 8 year old boy playing gta. He had shot her while she was watching tv, under law he couldn't be accused because he wasn't of age. However police had connected the violence of the game as the reason for the shooting. His accessive number of hours had shot his neighbor with her own gun.