Fifth Grade Flash

September 8, 2017

What's Happening in Fifth Grade....

Greenback Fundraiser:

WE NEED YOUR HELP! The 2017-2018 Greenback Fundraiser began on Friday, August 25th. This is the only CES school fundraiser, and 100% of all funds go to the school. If you would like to donate, please send in the donation envelope that came home with your student(s) in Friday folders. We appreciate your donations, and thank you for your continued support!

Interested in Student Council?

Student Council ELECTION WEEK will be

Monday, September 18th -Thursday, September 22nd!

Student Council is an organization designed to give students an opportunity to accept responsibility and learn leadership skills to apply in real-life situations. Members of the student council represent their student body and help in planning exciting events for the school like:

-Red Ribbon Week

-Spirit Shop

-Community Outreach and Fundraising

Students wishing to participate in student council, in grades 3-5, may "campaign" for office. In order to campaign and be eligible for running, students will need to:

- fill out the application and turn in to their homeroom teacher by Monday, September 18th

(applications will be sent home in Friday folders)

- prepare and present a short campaign speech to their homeroom class

- create ONE campaign poster to be hung in the hallway the week of elections.

CES students will then experience the voting process and come to the voting booth with their class to vote for one boy and one girl from each homeroom on the final day of elections! Those elected will be announced on Friday, September 22, on the K-CES morning show and notes will be sent home.

One representative from each class will serve in the fall and the other in the spring. Representatives must attend meetings on the first Wednesday of each month during their term.

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Hernandez, School Counselor, at or 817-305-4942!

Dress Code Reminders!

We know it's hot outside, but please remember the school dress code! While wearing tank tops (with small straps) or tube tops, students must wear an over blouse (sweater, etc.) buttoned halfway up. These cannot be worn by themselves. Sleeveless blouses/tops must have the outside edge of the sleeve touch the outside edge of the shoulder. Also, shorts and skirts must be long enough to extend mid-thigh and allow students to be able to stand, sit and/or bend with modesty. Students that come to school dressed in clothing that is not dress code approved, will be sent to the nurse's office to call home for additional clothing. Dress code is enforced at all grade levels- pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. For a more detailed list and specific criteria for dress code, including hair styles, please go to the Student-Parent Handbook and Code of Conduct 2017-2018 provided on the district website.

CES Cowboy Chorale:

Big image

CES Volunteers:

In order to volunteer in GCISD a volunteer must:

1. Read the Volunteer Handbook, watch the appropriate video included in the handbook and electronically sign the volunteer verification form.

2. Complete the volunteer background check. A link is included in the handbook.

Here is the link to get to the Volunteer Background Check and Handbook:

ALL VOLUNTEERS ARE REQUIRED TO REAPPLY EACH YEAR. You cannot volunteer at the school until both of these items have been completed through the GCISD Volunteer Handbook, so don’t delay!

At CES, we ask that you not bring younger siblings into the school when volunteering.

Curriculum Corner

Reading - We will analyze a story by separating the story into parts. Then rank, compare, and categorize the events. Remember, your child needs to read 30 minutes every day at home and fill out their reading log.

Language Arts - We will compose our beginning of the year expository writing essays. Also, we will be writing from the perspective of the main character. The spelling test will be Friday, September 22nd.

Social Studies - Students will create their own state including cities, land forms, and resources. We will also begin explorers to the New World and the first European settlements in the North American continent.

Math - Students will read and write decimals to the thousandths place.

Science - We will be classifying matter based on its physical properties and behaviors.

Save the Date!

September 11 - Buttermilk Sky Pie Fundraiser begins

September 13 - Cowboy Chorale rehearsal

September 15 -

  • Dot Day
  • Rachel's Challenge Kick-Off

September 20 - Cowboy Chorale rehearsal

September 25 -

  • Book Fair Week begins
  • Mad Science Club

September 27 - Cowboy Chorale Rehearsal

October 2 - Mad Science Club

October 4 - Cowboy Chorale Rehearsal

October 6 - student holiday

October 9 - student/staff holiday

Great Things are Happening in Fifth Grade!!

GCISD Portrait of a Graduate

  1. Skilled Problem Solvers
  2. Effective Communicators
  3. Collaborative Workers
  4. Global Citizens
  5. Self-Regulated Learners