Strategy of the Month for ELs

Ms. Brooks and Ms. King

Let's Get Visual!

Today’s scientific research demonstrates that all physically capable learners are visual learners. Studies on learning and memory have proven that 72 hours after information is presented orally, people may recall about 10%, but when visuals are added the recall increases to 65%. (Source:

ELs and struggling students often have difficulty processing auditory information. Instruction that is supported with visual clues are especially helpful to ELs and struggling students because they offer a different type of explanation of the content by providing information that students may not have understood if it was presented to them solely in written or spoken form.

Using Exemplars!

Students need to visually comprehend what is expected from them. Here are some examples of RAP exemplars that were found at Paw Creek!

Using Visuals in Literacy Anchor Charts

There are several ways to incorporate visual aids into your instruction to scaffold and anchor auditory learning. Using objects, photographs, slides, graphs, bulletin board displays, drawings and color are some of the types of visuals teachers can incorporate into their lessons.

While many math, science and social studies lessons make it easy to incorporate pictures and visuals, the subject of literacy can become overwhelmingly filled with text-heavy posters, or anchor charts. If students are already struggling with literacy, they will likely avoid references that will just further frustrate them. Breaking up text-heavy content with visuals will encourage your students to use anchor charts as references to remember, self-assess, and guide their thinking.

Not an artist? No problem!

Creating vivid posters and anchor charts will grab a student's attention and give him/her something that stands out when looking for the poster to reference at a later time.

Simply print clip art from the internet. You can print the image in color, or color it yourself. Voila! You have stepped up your anchor chart game!
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