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Hey 2015 National Cohort –

Hope this finds you all well! My name is Riyaz Gayasaddin and I will be your new advisor for the JHU-TFA MSEd program (my real picture is at the end of the email). Besides being an advisor for JHU, my full-time role is working for Teacher For America (and I am a 2008 TFA alumnus). I’m excited to get to know each of you more closely and to work together to ensure you’re all set to with your coursework and staying on track for graduation.

As your adviser, I’ll actively review each of your files to ensure you are on track to graduate and complete all necessary requirements needed to have your degree conferred when the time comes. I’m also always available to chat about how this degree relates to your longer-term goals and what that might mean for which electives you decide to take. On top of those more big picture functions, on a day to day basis, I’m here to answer any questions you may have or help with any issues that may arise. Essentially, I’m you’re main “go-to” contact for anything Hopkins related that falls outside of your work with your instructors in each individual course.

Below you will find some useful information as well as a survey to complete so I can get to know you more!

Be well, be revolutionary,


Action Items <1 required, 1 optional>

1. Advisee Interest Survey <Action Required by Friday, June 3rd>
  • To make the most of our time together, please take 5-10 minutes (max) to complete this quick questionnaire so I can learn more about you and your hopes as a student in this program. I will use the information collected to personalize advising for each of you as well as create easy systems to send notification and reminders to you all. If you have any questions about the function of an advisor, who I am or just general questions you’ve been meaning to ask, please feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear from you and will look forward to reviewing your responses to the questionnaire.
2. Time to chat one on one with Riyaz <Optional>

  • If you would like, I am keeping some times on my calendar in case you wanted a one on one with me. Feel free to sign up using this LINK. No pressure and even if you don’t sign up and you have questions, feel free to call or email me.


1. Summer Registration Closes on May 31st:
  • We are in the middle of summer summer courses registration and it closed on May 31st.
  • I will be starting roster checks and I HIGHLY encourage everyone to take 1-2 or maybe 3 electives to lighten your load moving forward.
  • To see the approved list of electives, please refer to the emails the program team has been emailing each week.
2. Portfolio for students starting in Fall 2016:
  • As you wrap up for the year, it's never too early to start preparing for your portfolio which starts in the fall and is similar to a Masters thesis (don't stress---call me if this makes you anxious). You'll get a lot more information about this in the coming weeks from the program team, but here are my pro tips:
    • Save student work related to any JHU assignments.
    • Save student work that demonstrates the level of mastery/learning happening in your classroom.
    • Review the portfolio resources on the program website. Click this link and navigate to the Digital Portfolio link on the left navigation pane.

Important Contacts

Sites to Bookmark

1. The JHU Portal: https://my.jh.edu/portal/web/jhupub/

  • This is your "one-stop-shop" for email, ISIS, Blackboard, the ELC, the library and much more--please explore!

2. Program Information: http://education.jhu.edu/Academics/masters/MSES/tfanational/

  • Overview of the program.

3. Registrar: http://www.students.education.jhu.edu/register/

  • The registrar helps with anything enrollment related.

4. Student Accounts: http://www.students.education.jhu.edu/pay/

  • Student accounts will assist you with anything billing/tuition related.

5. Financial Aid: http://www.students.education.jhu.edu/financial/

  • For those interested, all financial aid information is found here.

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Riyaz Gayasaddin


Teach for America & Johns Hopkins