Innovation and Creativity

Chapter 2


  • Innovate: To introduce as or as if new; to make changes; to do something in a new way.
  • Create: To produce or bring about by a course of action or behavior; to produce through imaginative skill; to make or bring into existence something new.
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Creative Problem Solving:

An entrepreneur uses many different methods to solve problems. They use precise methodological approaches. Their main focus is solving problems. They are always refining current practices. All of there means are oriented, and they are capable of extended detail work. they are all sensitive to group cohesion and cooperation.

Barriers To Creativity:

An entrepreneur always tries to find on "correct answer. They are known for being logical and following the "rules". They are always as practical as can be, and they are known for becoming specialized. They always avoid ambiguity, and fear mistakes or failure.
Steps To Innovation And Creative Thinking With

Statements That Inhibit Creativity:

There are many things that inhibit the creativity of an entrepreneur:

  • No
  • Can't
  • Are you kidding?
  • We've never done anything like that before
  • That's stupid
  • It's not in the budget
  • We've done alright so far

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Uses Resources

Entrepreneurs recognizes peoples strengths and has very good communications skills. They pick their facility based on the companies needs. They also find cost-effective materials and make sure they don't go into debt.
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Create value

Small businesses provide about 75% of new jobs and represents 99.7% of their employers. They also represent 97% of all U.S. exporters.


They act with a passionate purpose and recognized a lot of opportunities. They desire independence and can manage risk and uncertainty. They also use their resources and create value in little things.
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