Jasna Takkar's Science Class Smore

My year in science class

Intro to Me

Hello, my name is Jasna Takkar. I am 11 years old. I have one sibling (a younger brother) named Jugaad Takkar. I enjoy drawing and reading books in my spare time. My favorite color is green, and my favorite food is pizza. Anyways, this is my electronic ePortfolio that summarizes everything I have done this year. I hope you enjoy looking through all of the progress I have made in Mrs. Chappas's Science 6 class!

Introduction to Science 6

Microscope Unit

We started off our year with a unit about microscopes. We spent about two weeks on this fun, eventful unit. To start, we learned about the different parts of a microscope, and each specific part's function. We made a color-coded diagram on this. Next, we did a few labs that involved using a microscope to take a closer look at some objects. We looked at the letter E, sand, and salt in pairs. We did a worksheet on each of the labs. To end our unit, we made a packet that reflected on our learning of that unit. The packet included all of the worksheets we did during that unit, and a cover page with six illustrations that were related to microscopes.
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Sand Lab Picture

Above is a picture from the sand lab. It shows the microscope with the sand slide that we used to observe the sand at a close view.
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Microscope Picture

This is a picture of a microscope. This microscope is one of the ones that we used to do our labs.

Microscope Unit Highlight

Personally, my favorite part of the Microscope Unit was the salt lab. I liked it because it was the first microscope lab we ever did, so I was the most impressed with it. I also enjoyed it because salt is really interesting up close, and I thought it was really cool to see each individual grain of salt and it's shape.
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Salt Lab

This is a picture I took during the sand lab. This is what sand looks like through a microscope.