Space Suits

By: Ryan Bulgrin

Here are some of the parts of a spacesuit that I feel are the most important.

The first part of the space suit that I have chosen is the Primary life support system.

The Primary Life Support System (PLSS) is worn like a backpack. It holds water coolant, a 2 way radio, a fan to circulate oxygen, a caution warning system, and it is protected by thick layers of cloth. This systems use is to remove carbon dioxide from the space suit, and also provides the astronaut with oxygen. This part is powered electronically by a battery.

Here is a picture of the Primary Life Support System (PLSS).

Big image

My second part of the space suit that I have chosen is the Helmet.

Some of the reasons why the helmet is essential include: covering a spacewalkers head, it also directs oxygen to the head, thin layers of gold on the viser filter out the sun's harmful rays, the viser also protects the astronaut from small objects that might hit the astronaut, also cameras and lights can be attached to the helmet. And those are the reasons why it is essential to have a space helmet.

Here is a picture of a Helmet.

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The third part that I have chosen are the Safety Tethers.

Some of the reasons why the safety tethers are an important part of the space suit include: keeping the astronaut from floating into space, another is that without them they couldn't work on the space station. Those are the reasons why the Safety Tethers are important.

Here is an image of the Safety Tethers.

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The fourth part that I have chosen are the layers of the Space Suit.

Some of the essential layers include: ventilation/liquid cooling unit for cooling the astronaut and the equipment that the astronaut has, then there is the bladder layer that is used to keep the space suit in the correct shape and also holds oxygen for the astronaut, there is a rip stop layer that prevents the space suit from ripping, next there are Mylar insulation layers to make the space suit act like a thermos. In all there are 14 layers, and the reason why there are so many is that some of these layers repeat for maximum safety. This is another key component to the space suit.

Here is a diagram of the many different layers.

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